Aus-Appliances - Trading Terms:

Aus-Appliances endeavours to make your online appliance purchase as pleasant as possible and we try to keep the legal jargon to a minimum. We always endeavour to meet and exceed best practices in our online appliance industry and always are open to your feedback.

Aus-Appliances – Our Prices

All of our prices are inclusive of GST and are updated on a daily basis, depending on the marketplace and any deals that we may negotiate.

The only prices that we honour are the ones clearly stated on and in google shopping all other references to pricing on our site would need to be checked and confirmed.

Aus-Appliances – Stock Availability

We keep most of our stock in 2 warehouses and can dispatch quickly to most locations however in the event of us running out of stock, or our supplier running out of stock, we will notify you immediately.

Aus-Appliances – Delivery

We  deliver items in Sydney using our trucks and Australia Post (Depending on size).

Aus-Appliances - Errors and Omissions

Whilst we endeavour to get everything on our website right (Believe me plenty of long / late nights doing that) we do occasionally make a mistake and will not supply goods that have erroneously been priced below wholesale or if a manufacturers promotion has expired and we have not updated our site yet then we will not be held to that particular promotion.

Aus-Appliances - Images

This was added 29/06/2016. Please note that sometimes images, especially of accesories are taken from overseas models where a local image is unavailable at the time we put an item online.