Question: I purchased an item electronically off your website and I chose the wrong colour, type, style etc.. It is still in its original packaging, can I please send it back for a refund ?
Answer:There may be exceptions, it is best to contact us, for example (IXL Bathroom Heat lamps, Custom orders and Rangehoods) often incur a restocking fee of between 20% and 30%.
Although we show in stock on most of these items, there are actually a lot of variables with these categories and as such they are often custom ordered for you from the supplier.
If you're unsure whether the product will work for you, speak to our professional team before you buy.
Shipping back of all items will be at your expense. Please note that it's your responsibility to send it back undamaged and unopened.

Question: As above but I threw away the packaging ?
Answer: Maybe but it depends. Some of our suppliers will take back goods without packaging for a restocking fee and some of our many customers in our physical store will gladly but something without a box for a discount. As a rule of thumb if you lose the box you would expect to lose about 20% of the purchase price.

Question: I Purchased an item and used it and I'm not happy what can I do now ?
Answer: If you're not sure before you buy ring us and talk to us we're here 7 days a week and know a lot about what we sell. If my team recommends something over the phone and it's not good then I will definitely refund it even if you used it.

Question: I asked you to get me a special order from a supplier not on your website and Iwant to return it ?
Answer: Clarify this before you buy by calling us. Some manufacturers will restock anything and some will restock nothing. I'm happy taking back things I can sell in store but I would not take back a $3000 black quartz custom made sink... Just call us and we'll always let you know up front the right choices and pitfalls to avoid before you buy.

Question: What is Pro Forma and why won't you take it back ?
Answer: In simple terms it relates to brands like Miele (Major Appliances Only), Asko as well as other brands where you pay the manufacturer direct for their stock. Because your money goes directly to them via an agency agreement then only they can refund you. That rule applies to every store in Australia and not just us.