Our Warranty

Aus-Appliances Warranty Information:

All of the appliances that we sell and recommend carry a full manufacturer’s warranty and are supplied by Australian based manufacturers.

Every appliance that we sell is covered by the manufacturer’s voluntary warranty and also by the statutory implied warranty as set out by the ACCC.

Most common questions about warranty issues and policies are answered below.

Is my new appliance covered by warranty in a commercial or retail environment ?

Most appliances are sold with domestic warranties only. Some manufacturers offer 90 day commercial warranty whilst many others have none.

This can be real problem on items like air conditioners where you assume that the 5 year warranty applies, when in fact it doesn’t !

 If you intend to use your appliance in a commercial environment then speak to our team and they will recommend brands that either do have a commercial warranty or alternatively we can arrange commercial extended warranties from as little as $69.00

Do you offer extended warranties ?

Yes, Aus-Appliances deals with Lumley insurance and can provide commercial and non commercial extended warranties. For a full explanation of what is covered and what is not covered see below.

Definitions of the Lumley Customer Care Plan:

Manufacturer’s Warranty: means any expressed or implied warranty applicable to the sale of Your Product for a specific period of time after the purchase of Your Product.

The defined term “Manufacturer’s Warranty” does not include any consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law. This Customer Care Plan commences upon the expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Mechanical or Electrical Failure: means a sudden or unforeseen failure of Your Product arising from a mechanical or electrical fault.

Original Date of Purchase: means the date shown on the original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice.

Original Purchase Price: means the amount shown on the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice being the cost of Your Product.

You, Your: means the person or persons named as the purchaser on the original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice.

Your Product: means any electrical or battery operated product that You purchase for domestic use as described in the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice.

We, Us, Our: refers to the selling retailer or an authorised agent of the selling retailer whose name appears on the original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice as the supplier.


This Customer Care Plan can be transferred to a new owner on the sale of Your Product on

condition that written advice from You is forwarded to Client Services. Please call Our Client Services Hotline 1800 559 966, Monday to Friday, for further details.

15-Day Free Look

If You require cancellation of this Customer Care Plan within fifteen (15) days of the Customer Care Plan’s Original Date Of Purchase, We will refund the amount You paid for this Customer Care Plan in full at the Store Of Purchase.

This Customer Care Plan cannot be cancelled after the 15-Day Free Look Period.

Privacy Statement

We comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwth) (as amended). The information we collect will be used for the purpose of providing this warranty cover to You, that include:

evaluating Your application for warranty cover and setting the cost of providing the warranty

properly administering repairs for faulty products.

To provide these services, it may be necessary for us to disclose Your personal information to Our Warranty provider, the manufacturer of the product or a repairer.

Your personal information will not be disclosed by us for any other purpose, without your consent, except where permitted or required by law.

How To Make A Claim

If You are claiming before the Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired, please contact the manufacturer for processing. Contact information for the manufacturer can be found in the warranty and support section in the initial warranty card provided when You purchased Your Product.

If You are claiming after the Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired, call Our Customer Service Helpline on 1800 062 782 Australia | 0800 454 082 New Zealand, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST, and Our friendly staff will assist You with Your claim. You must lodge Your claim with Our Customer Service Helpline prior to the expiration of this Customer Care Plan.

Claims will not be handled where You have arranged repair or replacement without first lodging and gaining approval of a claim.

Ensure You have Your original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice available. You may be required to take Your Product to Your nearest service centre. Otherwise, arrangements will be made for a service agent to contact You to determine the best way of getting Your products to the service centre.

Your claim must be lodged by the customer whose name is shown on the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice and/or any other parties authorised by the owner in writing.

Customer Care Plan

Congratulations on purchasing Your new lifestyle product and electing to purchase a Customer Care Plan.

This Customer Care Plan is not an insurance policy, nor are We insurers. The plan is a warranty supplied by Us in respect of products We sell.

Please ensure that You keep Your original purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice to describe and validate Your purchase of both our

Product and this Customer Care Plan. These documents constitute proof of the purchase of this Customer Care Plan. In the event of a claim these documents may need to be produced.

A separate Customer Care Plan must be purchased for each product. If You have purchased more than one product on the same purchase receipt, then this Customer Care Plan will only cover the product specifically described on the purchase receipt and/or Tax Invoice as being covered by an Customer Care Plan with a separate itemisation of its cost.

The extended warranty code/s listed on Your Tax Invoice supplied by the retail store will specify the term of Your cover. Please refer to paragraph ‘Period of Cover’ for further information.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). These exist independently of this extended warranty and you are not required to pay for them. This extended warranty provides benefits which may overlap with your ACL rights. The cost of this extended warranty will not change to the extent of any overlap.

What is Covered

In the event of Your Product suffering a Mechanical or Electrical Failure within Australia or New Zealand, We will pay for parts, labour and service call out fee/s required for Your Product to be repaired to normal working order, subject to the terms and conditions of this Customer Care Plan.

If applicable as per original Manufacturer’s conditions and service area limitations.

This Customer Care Plan applies in addition to any existing warranty included in the Original Purchase Price for Your Product or insurance applicable and all other warranties or guarantees expressed or implied by mandatory provisions of law.

The maximum amount payable by Us under this Customer Care Plan will be the Original Purchase Price of Your Product (inclusive of GST) per claim.

In the case of Your Product being covered by REP2EW under this Customer Care Plan, We will always replace with a new product rather than repair.

Food Spoilage

If Your Product is a refrigerator or freezer we will reimburse You for food spoiled as a result of a mechanical or electrical defect with a benefit up to $200 (inclusive of GST).

Replacement Terms

At Our sole discretion, We may replace Your Product with a new product with equivalent features as determined by Us when Your Product is not economically repairable or repair costs

exceed the Original Purchase Price of Your Product, regardless of the original Manufacturer’s policy on replacement.

The replacement product shall be equivalent in specifications of Your original product and the cost shall not exceed the Original Purchase Price You paid for Your Product. Due to changes in product technology and availability, the replacement product We supply may have a lower selling price and is not limited to the original manufacturer brand of Your original product. Replacement price differences, if any, will not be refunded.

When a replacement product is not available we may provide a store credit, up to the Original Purchase Price of Your Product in lieu of a replacement item. The issue of a store credit, or replacement item supplied for Your Product shall constitute fulfilment of this Customer Care Plan.

No Lemon Guarantee

If Your Product has been the subject of three (3) separate and distinct repairs that are covered and claimed under this Customer Care Plan’s Period of Cover and a further repair is required, we will replace Your Product.

What is Not Covered

Any part/s of Your Product that are supplied with a Manufacturer’s Warranty period of less than twelve (12) months.

Unauthorised repair/s.

Defects or design faults that are covered by the manufacturer or distributor whether or not through the process of a product recall.

Costs when Your Product was used for commercial purposes.

Consequential losses of any type.

Costs incurred where no Mechanical or Electrical Failure is identified.

Normal maintenance costs.

Any exclusions outlined in the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Installation or Reinstallation of Your Product.

Additional costs in replacing Your Product due to parts availability.

Mechanical or Electrical Failures of Your Product caused by:

product recalls;

negligence, accidental or deliberate misuse or unauthorised alterations;

liquid penetration;

external sources including but not limited to electrical interferences, power surges or voltage fluctuations;

infestations of vermin, pests or insects;

cosmetic damage, or accidental damages from any cause;

rust or corrosion, or

abnormal wear and tear including any exclusions as outlined in the manufacturer’s specifications regarding excessive domestic usage.

Repairs to any:

consumables including but not limited to batteries, fuses, filters, bulbs or lamps;

cables or cords;

monitors and screens as a result of image burn; - speakers as a result of overloading;

software, data or removable data mediums caused by the Mechanical or Electrical Failure of Your Product. This includes firmware upgrades and malfunctions caused by a virus.

If Your Product is covered by Replacement Warranty (REP2EW), the replacement of any accessories which may include headphones, remote controls or external devices;

mobile phone/s; or - toys.

Period of Cover

Code 1EW = 1 (one)* year

Code 2EW = 2 (two)* years

Code 3EW = 3 (three)* years

Code 4EW = 4 (four)* years

* Extended Warranty cover commences at the expiration of

the original Manufacturer’s Warranty for Your Product.

If Your Product is replaced by the manufacturer, your extended warranty cover and original warranty expiry

Please Note:

For each Code above the relevant Customer Care Plan has a maximum cover of five (5) years from the Original Date of Purchase of Your Product excluding Air Conditioners where the maximum cover of seven (7) years from the Original Date of Purchase applies.

For further information please call 1800 062 782 ad speak to a Lumley Representative.