Miele GN hyclean 3d xxl pack Vacuum Bags (16 Bags + 4 Filters) 09922750

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Miele GN hyclean 3d xxl pack Vacuum Bags (16 Bags + 4 Filters) 09922750

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Brand Miele
Model Number GN Bags 09922750
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Additional Information

Brand Miele
Condition Brand New
Type Miele Original
Dirt & Dust Capacity 4.5 Litres
IPN 428195 MODEL 09922750

GN XXL HyClean 3D
XXL pack HyClean 3D Efficiency GN 
16 HyClean GN dustbags at a discount price 
Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles
Maximum efficiency when vacuuming at low power level
Longer service life with 3D dustbag technology
Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure
Contents: 16 dustbags, 4 motor protection & 4 exhaust filters. These bags Suit all Classic C1, Complete C2, Complete C3, S8xxx, S5xxx, S2xxx, S8xx, S6xx and S4xx Models

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Includes: Miele Original GN Bags (16 Bags Total) + 4 Pre Motor Filters and Post Motor Filters

Why you should only use genuine Miele GN Bags

4 Boxes of Original GN Bags and Original FiltersMiele Vacuum Bags are the no compromise accessory for all Miele customers that want the absolute best filtration and largest capacity for their vacuum cleaning.

Most people who own a Miele vacuum cleaner use it on a weekly or twice weekly basis and are meticulous in ensuring that they are keeping dust mites, pet hairs, dust, and other airborne particles under control in their house or office.

Not only does a Miele vacuum help to keep your home clean, it also ensures that your family’s health does not suffer, especially if you have Asthmatics or allergy sufferers living in the house.

It is so important that you use a good vacuum cleaner matched to the perfect vacuum bags to ensure that the vacuuming job is done properly and with genuine Miele vacuum bags together with any of their supremely powerful range of barrel vacuum cleaners that you cannot go wrong.

Genuine Miele vacuum bags might be a little pricier than your regular paper based bags, but considering the numerous benefits they offer you and your family, it is definitely money well worth spending.

It is the unique and incredibly detailed research that went into the new range of Miele HyClean vacuum bags that well and truly separate them from the crowd.

This new range of vacuum bags uses a nine layer approach to building the vacuum bag as compared to a simple paper bag design which is merely one layer of paper that will often and easily split or tear allowing the dust to fill up your vacuum cleaner with mess.

There are several unique advantages of having nine layers in your Miele vacuum bag.

Miele GN Bags are Self SealingMiele have been able to integrate an incoming airflow path guide on the Miele GN HyClean bags as well as the FJM HyClean bags, unfortunately this feature is not available on the U HyClean bags (The U HyClean bags suit the Upright models only).

Miele vacuum bags now have also an incorporated and clever, self-closing lid and a layer of netting to prevent the bag from braking.

This also provides structural rigidity at all times. By utilizing all nine layers in a Miele vacuum bag, it is amazing how much of the incoming dirt, dust and particulates stay in the bag and never even get to give the excellent secondary and tertiary filters of a Miele vacuum a workout.

House dust, mites, pet hairs, and other airborne fragments and particles have nowhere to go once they have been vacuumed up – they stay in the bag, ready to be discarded and removed from your home for good and unlike a bag less vacuum, you need never worry about spilling the dust again or having to clean up after dirty, dusty barrels.

Miele vacuum bags contain durable netting, which makes them extremely strong and unlike other bags that break easily if a sharp object is sucked into them, these will remain intact, and carry on working efficiently, collecting all the dust and other miniscule particles of debris in your home.

Miele have not compromised at all on the quality of their new range of bags. They have used polymer fibre, a superior material which is durable, but at the same time flexible and allows for maximum air flow and dust capture but with virtually no chance of breakage of the GN Bags. 

When full, the problem-free changing feature and self-closing cover makes it easy for you to empty the GN, FJM or U HyClean dust bags with confidence, knowing that the scientific design and immense development of these bags makes it impossible for contaminants to re-enter your home.

Simply put, Miele vacuum bags will exceed your expectations by keeping your home fresher; free of dust, mites and other particles, and your family a lot healthier.

Additional Information

Quick Overview

  • Miele Vacuum Models that these Bags Suit
    All Complete C3 Models
    All Complete C2 Models
    All Classic C1 Models
    S2110 Chilli Red
    S2120 Royal Blue
    S411 i
    S421 i
    S428 i
    S434 i
    S446 i White Pearl
    S448 i Black Jewel
    S5261 Cat & Dog Turbo
    S5280 MedicAir
    S5281 Medic Air
    S5310 SBB
    S5311 SBB
    S5360 Cat & Dog
    S5360 Cat & Dog M.A.X
    S5361 Cat & Dog M.A.X
    S5481 Auto Eco
    S5580 Ambiente
    S5780 TotalCare
    S5781 TotalCare
    S5980 SEB217
    S5980 Revolution PowerPlus
    S5981 SEB 217
    S5981 SEB 236 PowerPlus
    S624 Parquet & co
    S636 Big Cat & Dog
    S638 Allergy Control Plus
    S658 Blue Moon
    S858 SEB 236

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