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Rinnai Gas Heaters

Rinnai Dynamo 25 Natural Gas Heater In SituRinnai Gas Heaters are our absolute speciality. We get asked so many varied questions about their safety and installation and other aspects of their use that we created a dedicated gas heater blog that explains in lengthy detail about the different types of gas heaters.
I know a lot about Gas Heater safety, Flued versus non Flued gas heaters and the pros and cons of both types of units. So although we have extremely competitive prices at Aus-Appliances we're also the right people to ask for advice before you buy a new Rinnai Gas Heater.
If you're building a new house or renovating an existing one, we can help you with working out all of the parts you will need for a chimney flue or a fascia for a fireplace etc… Don't risk buying something as expensive as a gas heater anywhere else as most people online (or in stores) have no idea about them.
Most sales people won't understand low Nox, or in fact what it means. I know all about Gas Heater Safety and can advise you, so talk to an expert directly, or read my blog on Gas Heaters Safety here.
You don't just get expert advice though; all of our Rinnai Gas Heaters are available with free shipping Australia wide with full manufacturer's warranty and are eligible for all appropriate manufacturer and government promotions. You can always shop with complete peace of mind at Aus-Appliances.

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