Emilia Ovens, Stoves and Appliances

Emilia Ovens, Stoves and Appliances

Emilia is a company situated in Australia that specializes in manufacturing great cooking appliances which are very effective at what they do whilst maintaining high efficiency in design and use.

Their experience of more than 50 years of cooking expertise has made it possible for them to move dynamically with time so as to manufacture modern appliances with a sense of elegant style. When you purchase any Emilia cooking appliance or product, you are assured of after sales service for the life of the product.

Emilia Ovens and cooktops have class leading after sales service:

  • Emilia Oven Spare Parts are readily available
  • Emilia Oven Service is efficient and well priced
  • Lifetime product customer support
  • If you lose your instructions, then an Emilia Oven Manual is only a phone call away

Emilia provides you with an extensive product range with exceptional performance and value. In addition, the products have a wide range of features to provide you with an extensive range of choices that best suits your needs and environment.

Some of the product features available to choose from include;

  • Freestanding Cookers made wrapped in modern Stainless Steel
  • Gas ovens which are fan assisted for even temperatures
  • Electric ovens with thermostats and multiple functions
  • Upright stoves that are available in multiple fuel types

The wide range of product features also ensure that you get products of an added appeal of high specifications at a lower to mid-range price. Therefore, with this large collection of range hoods to equip your kitchen fully, Emilia will revive and complete your kitchen's outlook. In addition, Emilia products also coordinate with each other in size and style.

Emilia have a large variety of upright stoves that can be ordered as either gas or electric and in multifunction models as well as more simple models designed to be simplicity itself to use.

Emilia Ovens

These fantastic and cost effective ovens are available in sizes ranging from 53 centimetres to 90 centimetres and are sure to suit everyone from a casual cook all the way up to a Master Chef aficionado.

The Emilia EM series of compact cookers is the best solution for anyone who wishes to upgrade from a standard white oven to one which is more advanced in technology.

Buying a new stove is fun, modifying your entire kitchen to make it fit is not! Emilia ovens and stoves solve this problem by being manufactured in accordance with standard Australian sizes. Save yourself the pain and expense of needing to chop your bench tops to fit in your new appliance.

The following two models are available at great prices either in store or online at Aus-Appliances and fir into a standard 54 centimetre space that used to house your boring old Westinghouse, Chef or Simpson stove.

  • EM534EI - 4 burner gas hob which has a fan forced electric oven.
  • EM539IC - An all-electric cooker with the same fan forced electric oven area.

Emilia My Green Oven

Emilia is a company which is determined to make a difference in the carbon footprint that their products leave behind. Therefore, in 2007, it launched the my-green-oven campaign which emphasizes on the advantages of gas cooking appliances. By switching from electric oven to a gas oven, you reduce the carbon footprint by 50% to 70%.

In addition, the cost of electricity keeps on rising day to day at an alarming rate and therefore, the gas oven provides you an economical benefit.Emilia gas ovens have the ability to achieve operating temperature much quicker than electric and are very quick to respond to thermostat changes.

To maintain an accurate temperature flow, these models are fitted with a cavity fan that will circulate the hot air evenly and allow you to use multiple shelves for all of your baking and roasting.Gas provides a moist heat that reduces drying out and shrinkage making it most appropriate for roasting meats and other items that like to retain moisture.

Emilia stoves are available in a multitude of sizes and styles. This includes models that have electric ovens with gas hobs or cooktops, gas ovens with gas hobs as well as all electric models. There really is something for everyone and sizes are just as flexible ranging from a 53 centimetres all the way up to 90 centimetres.

Emilia Electric Ovens

Not every family has access to a gas supply line. Therefore, Emilia recognizes this fact and in return provides you with electric ovens that are a safe and efficient option.

Some Emilia electric ovens have computer interfaces with easy touch button controls which permit a home baker to program in dinner at a pre-set time. These also have accurate temperature measurements and timing, which make it preferable for delicious pastries and baking light soufflés where perfect temperature and timing are crucial.

Electric cook-tops have improved with faster heat up and cool down times. This ceramic cook-top with its high efficiency and enhanced design features is a great alternative for gas.Electric powered ovens are renowned for creating a dry environment which, thanks to fan forced control is also very temperature stable and the ideal fuel for baking cakes, puddings, soufflés and even a very nice  crème brulee.

Emilia Stoves

Emilia also provides you with two types of very efficient and modern reliable stoves. The gas upright stove and the electric upright stove.

Key Oven Functions

  • Oven Light; It provides light for the cooking process.
  • Fan Assisted; the fan assisted ensures circulation of hot air from the top to the bottom element.
  • Fan Forced; this circulates the hot air for baking on more than one shelf.
  • Top and Bottom Element; The heat from the top and bottom elements provide traditional baking for bread and cakes.
  • Gas with Fan; the fan ensures circulation of air for to maintain an even cooking and allow cooking on more than one shelf.
  • Rotisserie; this rotates the food to ensure even cooking.

Emilia Cooktops

Emilia has a great range of cooktops that are designed to complement their range of ovens and range hoods.

Choose from electric, gas and even induction cooktops and be sure that you are investing in a quality brand at a remarkably inexpensive price point.

Safety Considerations

It is very important that when you purchase any Emilia appliances you ensure that they are installed by a qualified and licensed installer in accordance to the instructions prescribed for each product.This is important in order to ensure your safety first and proper functioning of the appliances without any inconveniences. In addition, you should keep proof of correct installation for the purpose of warranty.

Emilia appliances are supplied with manuals for all of their products which should assist you in their operation.They also give you a list of safety precautions since they are actively aware of safety and the safety of others especially small children. It's just a small part of what makes Emilia Ovens and Emilia Appliances a worthwhile choice.

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