Welcome to Aus-Appliances the online division of R & J Discounts Pty Ltd ABN 47 063 336 738 (Established 1994)

Here, you will find an enjoyable and safe way of buying new Appliances online.

We have been trading from the same location with the same Director since 1994 as part of the national RETRAVISION buying group until early 2013 and now we're part of the Betta Home Living Group which in turn is part of NARTA, the largest independent buying group in Australia. See the Aus-Appliances local google place page here.

Having been accountable for a long time to our customers and a national head office, we understand that online shopping is very convenient for people, but they would still like their  goods to get to them  as promised and to have the safety and security of a physical store address if they need to swap something urgently.

Also, it’s nice to be able to talk to people face to face with the proprietor  and managers of a business if you have any questions or concerns.

Our mission statement is to relentlessly pursue the goal of becoming the leading Online Appliancesretailer in Australia and unlike most online players, we are not scared to publish who we are and where we are.

Getting in touch with the director or management is as easy as a phone call, an email or just by dropping in to our store.

If  you want to pay “internet pricing” but would love to touch and feel a product first, then you are welcome to do so in our store.

That’s the Aus-Appliances difference ! Meet the team...

Raul Aiello - Proprietor

I’ve been in working in retail for over 22 years now (time flies when you’re having fun) and unlike a lot of proprietors and invisible online retailers, I am available 7 days a week to my customers, especially if they experience any problems or are unsatisfied with the service that they received from my team.

Email me anytime on my private email at raul@aus-appliances.com.au or contact me on 02 9663 5133.

You can rest assured that I always prioritise fixing customer issues.

If you have an enquiry regarding price, stock availability or general enquiries then please use sales@aus-appliances.com.au

Joni Ovcak – Sales Manager

Joni has been with us since 1998 and is the single most enthusiastic and customer centric salesperson that I have ever met

Not only does he offer exceptional customer service and expects it from his team, he also loves to install anything from LED TV’s / LCD TV’s / Plasma TV’s all the way to Dishwashers and Dryers.

He’s also a bit of an audiophile and knows a lot about custom home theatre installations.

Used by several architects for indoor and outdoor system designs, Joni is the best contact you will ever find for all of your Audio / Visual Needs.

Kevin Hines – Logistics Manager

Kevin has been with us since 2003.

I have never met a person that works as hard as Kevin. He single handedly does the job of 4 people and helps us to keep our delivery costs very low.

Trusted by over a hundred real estate agents Sydney wide to look after their rental property appliance replacement needs, Kevin is the person tasked with delivering on our promise of exceptional customer service.

When our trucks are overflowing and we’ve over committed he’ll even jump on the ute and deliver urgent goods like fridges so that customers are kept happy and the beer is kept nice and cold !

Danielle Burst – Miele Appliances Fanatic

Danielle has been with us since 1996.

She is a great salesperson / gopher / assistant / secretary (Where do I stop ?)

It sounds like a weird title being a “Miele Appliances Fanatic” especially when the whole team here is, but I think “Immer Besser” runs through her veins.

She came back from Miele success academy training a changed person. Apparently she is threatening to cook for us in store some day...

If you have any questions about Miele she is the perfect person to speak to ! Danielle@aus-appliances.com.au

Terry Crowdey – Technology Nut

If you want to talk technology to someone that is middle aged yet still gets “it” then Terry is the person for you !

He orders all of our Laptops, GPS units, Video Cameras etc...

I’ve never asked him a question yet that he can’t answer and he has a fantastic way of explaining things in “plain English”. Feel free to contact him on terry@aus-appliances.com.au for any tech related enquiries.

The rest of the team:

We have people here that specialise in Bedding/Furniture/Kitchen and Kitchen Designs as well as Homewares, call us anytime on 02 9663 5133 or 1300 619 374 for general enquiries or email us on sales@aus-appliances.com.au

Our Brands

We sell almost every brand imaginable. We have accounts with all major companies and most specialty ones.

It’s a little known fact that most online retailers are buying their goods from established bricks and mortar retailers and then on selling them to the consumer.

That creates all sorts of third party warranty issues. 

Always ask the question “Are you supplying goods that you have an account with? Or are you farming goods to me?” You may be surprised at the answer.

We have REAL accounts with our suppliers and your warranties and paperwork are always legitimate.

Our range of brands in no particular order is…

Miele,Smeg,Ilve,Blanco,Asko,Bosch,Electrolux,Westinghouse,Chef,Simspon,Hoover,Dishlex, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Whirlpool, SONY and many more.